Everything Included in Your Custom Photography Session
Clients that come to COLE Portrait, Inc. describe their time here as a great experience. Below is a list of everything that goes into your session to make it a great and memorable time where all the attention is on you.
  • Pre-Shoot Consultation
  • Wardrobe Consultation and Accessibility to Studio Dresses
  • Professional Makeup and Hair Styling
  • Session in Very Spacious Private Studio in Historic McKinney Flour Mill
  • Multiple Styling and Set Changes Throughout the Shoot
  • Average of 3 Hours Shooting Time
  • Food on Set
  • Music During Session
  • Female Photography Assistant on Set
  • Full Direction and Posing Guidance During Entire Shoot
  • Professional Natural Retouching
  • Post-Shoot Portrait Reveal and Order Session
  • All of This Included in Session Fee of $350 (print orders are separate)
About Your Experience - Creating Incredible Portrait Photographs
I specialize in shooting fashion inspired magazine style portraits of everyday women and men.

My goal is always to provide you with incredible images that could easily be in a fashion magazine. If you've dreamed of being a cover girl for Vanity Fair, Vogue, or Harper's Bazaar, I can provide you with that type of commercial shoot experience resulting in images that are like those you see on the covers of those magazines.

Maybe you've never wanted to be on the cover of a magazine, that's perfectly ok. I will capture beautiful and elegant photographs of you that bring out the essence of who you are.

I feel honored that you would choose to work with me to create unique heirloom works of art you will have for the rest of your life.

I understand that some people don't like to be photographed. Occasionally, someone will tell me that they don't feel photogenic or look good in photos, and therefore they shouldn't get photos of themselves.

I understand your concern, but I have found with almost everyone that has this reservation that it is because they have never been part of a shoot that was guided by a professional, like myself, who knows how to photograph every age, size, body type, or apprehension. I have been photographing women and men for over 27 years, and have photographed well over 1,000 people. I have spent many years in the commercial world shooting for advertising and design clients. I know what works, and what brings out the absolute best in everyone I photograph.

The truth is that everyone is deserving and worthy of incredible photographs of themselves. Yes that means YOU! And I am confident we can create drop-dead gorgeous photographs of you during our session.

The Process to Incredible Photographs
The path to incredible photographs is effortless. First, we book your pre-shoot consultation with COLE Portrait. During our pre-shoot consultation, we discuss and go over all the details and options for your shoot.

Pre-Shoot Consultation
Before every shoot we have a pre-shoot consultation. This is an in person consultation at my studio. We will discuss the types of images you would like to create from the shoot, including the theme of your shoot and styles we will incorporate, what wardrobe will be desired, makeup and hairstyle, and what type of sets we will use. We will develop a tentative shot list for the shoot. I have great ideas and resources that will make this pre-shoot consultation exciting and productive. Lastly, we will schedule your shoot date. The $350 session booking fee is due at this time.

Professional Hair and Makeup
On the day of your shoot, you will receive Professional Hair and Makeup from a valued member of my team. Once she is finished with your makeup and hair, you will feel fantastic and confident, which will translate to an incredible shoot.

Private Spacious Studio in the Historic McKinney Flour Mill
My studio space is incredible. Inside you'll find 108 year old dark hardwood floors, one entire wall of original brick, a large bank of natural light windows on the west wall, and a generous shooting space with multiple sets for shooting.

Multiple Styling Changes
Because the studio is so large, we can not only go from set to set, but we can also incorporate multiple wardrobe changes, allowing you great diversity in your photographs. In addition, we do have some wardrobe options in the studio to compliment the wardrobe you will bring to the set.

Full Direction and Posing Guidance
It is not your responsibility to know how to pose for your portraits. You don't have to worry about that, I guide you through all the posing from start to finish. I know how to pose you to create the most beautiful photographs possible, and I will do just that during our session.

Professional Natural Retouching
Your final images will all have professional retouching. You don't need to be concerned about blemishes or any marks on your skin, as they will be retouched out of the final selections. Our retouching is magazine quality, but we retain the essence of who you are in your photographs.

Post-Shoot Portrait Reveal and Order Session
After our shoot is complete, and all the final photographs have been prepared, you will return to the studio for the in person reveal of those images and ordering session. This is an exciting time as you will get to see your final images in person and decide what you'd like to purchase to take home with you. It is also during the order session when we will go over your options for the fine art products offered to you. Portrait packages start at $1,200.00

About Cole Portrait
For over 27 years, I have been an advertising photographer working with advertising agencies, design firms, businesses and non-profits to create conceptual images. Photographing everyday women and men allows me great freedom to create art with unlimited control and freedom not often achieved in the commercial world.

I have photographed people across the U.S. and Internationally. I love photographing women and men, and bringing them confidence through the photographs we create. I realize that all women have incredible beauty, and it is my mission to bring that to light in their photographs.

I invite you to a custom magazine inspired portrait experience. BOOK your experience HERE.